Restaurant Design Trends To Watch Out For This Season

27th May 2019

Apps like Swiggy and Zomato have taken the food industry to quite another level. With your favourite...

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Five Emerging Trends In Hotel Interior Design

17th May 2019

Hotel owners are quick to absorb social and ecological changes around them. The more ingenious...

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Designing Spaces To Promote Employee Wellbeing

10th May 2019

Office environments have the potential to either support or mar our well-being. So, if you’re responsible...

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Think Out Of The Boardroom

30th April 2019

Every important decision is taken in the boardroom, so in a way, it is the pulse of your office...

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How Receptive Is Your Reception Room?

16th April 2019

The reception area of your office makes the first impression on your clients and visitors. So you should...

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Brand Experience Centres Transforming Consumer Engagement Trends

13th April 2019

Brand Experience Centres (BECs) are driving a shift in consumer engagement worldwide. They are picking...

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Case Study | Jet Privilege’s Ode To The Employees

10th December 2018

Jet Privilege is a well-known rewards and loyalty programme where earned points get converted into air...

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Elements | Branding Translating Into Decor

7th November 2018

When working with a client whose intent is to reiterate elements of the brand or the company identity...

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Thought Leadership | Art Curation

22nd October 2018

Being a decor studio, we at Decotarium encourage the use of original art as decor elements. Keeping an...

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Decor Trends | Sculptures As Decor

8th October 2018

The reminiscence of an avant garde art enthusiasm can be reignited in a space by adding some sculptural...

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Elements | The Art Of Signages

3rd October 2018

Signages have been around for ages. Its origins can actually be traced back to the Greeks and Romans...

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Thought Leadership | A Brief Understanding Of A Cloud Design Studio

1st October 2018

Decotarium is a Cloud Design Studio. For those who have a hard time trying to comprehend what this means....

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Case Study | A Tale Of Tiles

27th September 2018

Holiday Inn Express needed three elements for their brand new decor, out of which two were identical...

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Decor Trends | Statement Wall Murals

24th September 2018

It’s not easy to keep yourself from going gaga over beautiful, intricate and wholesome wall murals....

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