Elements | Branding Translating Into Decor

By : Decotarium | 7th November 2018

When working with a client whose intent is to reiterate elements of the brand or the company identity like values, design language, mottos and so forth, the ideation process is an adventure of its own kind. It has its limits, but working within boundaries can be a creatively motivated challenge as well.


Cleartrip required elements like signages, vinyl for meeting rooms and other decor components to reiterate brand values and the brand identity. We had to stick to certain guidelines, like the use of fonts and colours that are identified with the brand.


Kotak Mahindra Group required a wall installation that defines their wide spread identity in India. This resulted in the creation of a wall installation comprised of the alphabet ‘k’ in different regional scripts.

Peep Kitchen, Goa

Peep Kitchen needed elements that represented their brand identity regarding the food they provide. They also required posters for kitchen rules and cleanliness.

Motilal Oswal

Motilal Oswal needed artworks of a bull – the universal symbolism for shares and stock of the market going up. We provided bespoke artworks of bulls.

The Garage Cafe, Goa

Royal Enfield’s The Garage Cafe needed signages of the brand name and their tagline, in their official font style. We produced it in metal.