Decor Trends | Statement Wall Murals

By : Decotarium | 24th September 2018

It’s not easy to keep yourself from going gaga over beautiful, intricate and wholesome wall murals. Its sheer size and extension can leave you feeling overwhelmed. An entire wall or a room can become a canvas. The possibilities are endless. And for this very reason, wall murals have become increasingly popular in decor.

Industry: Hospitality

Statement art murals come in different shapes, sizes and styles. There is an opportunity to stylize and create bold and beautiful forms using vivid colours to add some life to your space.

[Credits: James Gulliver Hancock]

The possibilities with the medium of wall murals are extensive in a way there are almost no limits. They can be maximal and yet be sophisticated and elegant like this stunning floral mural with sombre tones.

[Credits: @pixersize]

An up and coming trend lately has been the use of minimal line drawings like illustrations, accompanied by geometric design elements. These are far more subtle than grand colourful murals. Nonetheless, they possess just as much impact.

[Credits: Wall and Deco]

Abstract wall murals emit the overwhelming effect of a powerful open ended art piece in an exhibition hall, in any space you choose. They fit perfectly well in a restaurant, a co-working space, a lounge or anywhere where you can spare a large wall.

[Credits: Erik Otta]

Unlike wallpapers, wall murals avail the liberty to explore the needs of the ones who have a vision. It can cater to a brand language, a themed restaurant or a garage cafe like the one below that we made for The Garage Cafe by Royal Enfield in Goa. Adhering to the brand’s sense of adventure and travel, a wall mural that mapped roadways and routes in Goa apt for explorations traced the wall behind the bar at the cafe.

[Credits: Decotarium]

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