Case Study | A Tale Of Tiles

By : Decotarium | 27th September 2018

Client: Holiday Inn Express & Suites/ Brigade Builder’s (Bangalore)

Industry: Hospitality

Brief: Holiday Inn Express needed three elements for their brand new decor, out of which two were identical wall installations for their the banquet hall. The client shared a design intent and asked Decotarium to manifest their vision into an art installation. Here is a step-by-step look at the process that went into making the two wall installations.

Design Language: The brief was simple enough. But the design would take on the form with over 400 geometrical 3D ‘Tiles’ forming two precisely symmetrical installations on two parallel walls in the hallway. The ‘Tiles’ also had to be made of MDF as part of the green mandate of the Hotel.

STEP 1: DESIGN APPROVAL – Our team visited the site to figure out the exact dimensions of the space. The design intent was converted into artwork on AI and sent for approval. Mock ups were also produced at this stage.

STEP 2: SAMPLING – Samples of the painted tiles were shared with the client for approval on size and finish.

STEP 3: COLOUR FINALISATION – A colour board was shared with the client and they then matched the shades with the carpet in the room.

STEP 4: OFFSITE WORK- Sourcing the materials for the 400 tiles began. Wood and MDF boards we brought in and cut to three different sizes. The edges of the boards were then hand-cut to highlight the required angles.

STEP 5: FINE TUNING TILES: After the cutting and shaping, came the hand-buffing and duco painting to match the decided colours. A carpet of beautiful aqua, beige 3D tiles appeared across the room.

STEP 6: THE FIXING MECHANISM: Then it was time to test the fixing of the tiles on the walls to ensure the stability of the art installation.

STEP 7: ONSITE WORK: Once it was ensured that the tiles fixed efficiently to wall, the next task was execute the same process on each individual tile.

STEP 8: The fixing was done on thin strips of lacquered wood. This helped line the tiles with precision. The meticulous hard work ahead ensued.

After the Production team’s consistency and hard work, the installation had taken its complete form and looked beautiful in the hall.

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