Thought Leadership | A Brief Understanding Of A Cloud Design Studio

By : Decotarium | 1st October 2018

Decotarium is a Cloud Design Studio. For those who have a hard time trying to comprehend what this means, we hope this article helps.

A Cloud Design Studio creates an internet ecosystem. This means that your decor needs can come from any part of the world and we will still be able to do our jobs. While our ideation, design and production needs are carried out outside the web, our relationship with a client is still seamlessly derived from a process that occurs through a webspace. Whether it is simply for availing some art for your walls or a complete integration of design and decor across a space, the cloud design studio is able to traverse through these needs.

Who Is It For?

It is for anybody who needs design guidance and execution – from architects and interior designers to business owners and procurement managers. We also curate art for spaces that require them for purely aesthetic purposes – and these spaces can vary.

How Do We Do What We Do?

We have a team of marketing and sales specialists who co-ordinate with the clients to ensure complete understanding of their needs, and they in turn communicate this with our team of designers and artists who curate ideabooks and furthermore, design the final products. This is then taken forward to our production experts who investigate the community in our marketplace and produce the finished work with efficiency and meticulous work. And in case of on-site decor installations, a team travels to the specific space and finishes the work meeting the client’s expectations.

Now that you know our business model, take a peek at the rest of our work here.