Designing spaces to promote employee wellbeing

By : Decotarium | 10th May 2019

Office environments have the potential to either support or mar our well-being. So, if you’re responsible for the work environment of your staff, you should know the steps to take and the pitfalls to avoid, to make sure your workplace ensure wellbeing. Here are a few changes that can go a long way in benefiting your employees’ health.

Let there be (natural) light

If you’re designing a working environment, natural light should top your list of features. Make sure the windows are not covered by shutters. Also, strategically position the workstations so that the employees get to work in the light. A healthy helping of Vitamin D will actually spike the energy levels, especially during the sloth-inducing time post lunch. If your office doesn’t have windows, get employees to take breaks and step outside regularly.

Allow for some wiggle space

The biggest setback of a traditional office is that it doesn’t encourage enough physical movement. Cramped cubicles restrict free movement between them and hence employees end up feeling chained to their desks. Go in for an open-plan office that lets employees step away from their chock-o-block schedules and walk around a bit. Also, keep ample space between workstations so employees can take a walk without getting into anyone’s hair.

Keep them on their toes

A sedentary lifestyle is the bane of our corporate existence. Incidentally, it also happens to be the root cause of many physical discomforts we face. It can also lead to more serious health issues like cardiovascular disease. To avoid this go in for adjustable furniture solutions that give your employees the choice to work standing or sitting. It boils down to taking a stand for the wellbeing of your employees.

A large chunk of our waking hours is spent in our workplace. So it is important for employers to realise the impact an office environment can have on an employee’s physical and mental well-being. Designing spaces with wellness in mind benefits the company as well as employees. It reduces sick days and increases productivity. If you’re looking to revamp your office for employee wellbeing, reach out to us at Decotarium. We are a cloud design studio focussed on workspace décor, driven by our love for inspired design and innovation.