Think out of the boardroom

By : Decotarium | 30th April 2019

Every important decision is taken in the boardroom, so in a way, it is the pulse of your office. So naturally, your boardroom should be conducive to those moments of white-hot inspiration and brilliant ideas.

Simple tweaks to design and décor can transform your boardroom into a powerful space that bolsters your company culture, immerses staff and visitors alike, and echoes with your brand image. Here are some of these handy hacks.

Make the right impression

Your boardroom design must portray your culture and values. A quirky, upbeat design will suit you more if you are a start-up or creative agency. Alternately, if you are a legal firm mellow palettes and understated sophistication in terms of décor will work for you. Uplifting colours, engaging artwork and unique iconography is a great way to pop personality into your boardroom. Also, you can leverage art to depict your brand values. This will cement your credibility with clients and motivate your employees. Aesthetics may take you half the way but optimising your boardroom for the wellbeing of your clients and employees will hit the nail in the head. For instance, a well-lit room or a comfortable chair can spell the difference between a good and a bad meeting.

Fun vs functional furniture

The main focus of your boardroom is your table, and not just because it’s the most significant piece of furniture but because it sets the mood for everyone who steps into the room. So, whether you go in for the rectangular table or the round table that facilitates collaboration, put careful thought into its selection. Once you’ve picked your table, choose the chairs you want to go with it. Uncomfortable chairs will diminish the overall quality of your boardroom. For a healthy mix of comfort and productivity, go in for ergonomic designs.

God lies in the details

Up the ante in your boardroom by paying meticulous attention to details. Small additions like fresh flowers, glasses of water or even mint can translate into a memorable experience for your clients. And don’t forget to keep an informative memento like a brochure that your clients can take away with them.

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