How receptive is your reception room?

By : Decotarium | 16th April 2019

The reception area of your office makes the first impression on your clients and visitors. So you should meticulously craft the space to be functional, professional and impressionable. Also, the look and feel of your reception room should tie in with your brand. For instance, if your brand personality is young, urban and vibrant, your reception space should pep up your visitors. Alternately, if you want to project a sense of expertise, your front office should be designed to emanate trustworthiness, proficiency and competency. If you’re a luxury brand your reception area should be sumptuous and lavish enough to impress, maybe even overwhelm your customers. It can be tricky to summarise the exact mission of your reception room but half your battle is won once you do that.

In the meanwhile, here are some key design elements you can consider while you align your reception area with your brand personality.

Space it to ace it

We agree that not all companies can afford airy and spacious reception areas. However, there are several hacks that can make a space look more roomy and clean. Firstly, clear the clutter. Secondly, you can downsize the furniture by adopting a sleek, urban look instead of the chunky, reminiscent-of-grandmas-place type of pieces. Another clever tweak is to make sure there aren’t too many visitors at one given point in the reception area. This will help make the room look less crowded. And if you’re really cramped for space you can do away with the front desk completely. Visitors can check in via a tablet using a tool like The Receptionist.

Colour it charming

Changing the colour of your reception area can pave the way for the vibe you’re going in for. Warm and cheerful colours emanate a welcoming vibe whereas cool, neutral colours have a calming effect. And if you want to pop a little personality into your reception space go in for bold, upbeat colours. You can also weave in your brand colours into the interiors but don’t go OTT with it.

Throw some light on it

What seems bleaker than a long, dreary wait in a reception room? A long, dreary wait in a reception room with harsh fluorescent lighting. As much as possible, go in for natural light, which is easier on the eyes. Arrange your furniture to access it. If at all you can’t there are plenty of bulbs available that mimic daylight. Experiment till you see things in a good light.

Décor it to decorate

Graphics, décor and accessories can help sandpaper the look and feel you are going in for. You can play with the elements of form, pattern and texture to set a cohesive style. With apps like Pinterest, you are well on your way to visualizing your perfect reception room.

Alternately, you can give us a shout at Decotarium. We are a cloud design studio focussed on workspace décor, driven by our love for inspired design and innovation.