Brand Experience Centres Transforming Consumer Engagement Trends

By : Decotarium | 13th April 2019

Brand Experience Centres (BECs) are driving a shift in consumer engagement worldwide. They are picking up steam across sectors and geographies. From high-end brands to less-known ones, everyone is jumping on this wagon. And Indian brands aren’t lagging behind either. Fab India has already planted its flag in this territory with around a dozen BECs set up all over India. Its flagship store in Vasant Kunj is a design marvel with everything from your trusted products to a kid’s zone, a wellness centre, a charming café and an interior design studio.

What exactly is a Brand Experience Centre?

A BEC is a melange of contemporary art installations, cafes, themed events and state-of-the-art tech. It allows consumers to interact with brands at their own pace, on their own terms. Unlike traditional retail outlets, BECs tap into human emotions to convert customers into brand loyalists.

Why are Brand Experience Centres so hot right now?

BECs are a breath of fresh air to the new-aged consumer, who is jaded with hard-selling, in-your-face marketing. BECs impact consumers with a hands-on, full-bodied brand immersion that is independent of purchase pressure. These beautiful spaces evoke sentiments and build emotional connects between the consumer and the brand. This, in turn, spurs the consumers to endorse the brand and spread the word, piquing curiosity and getting others to visit the BEC.

Designing a sensational Brand Experience Centre

BECs are here to stay. These plush, customer engagement spaces are rapidly becoming the preferred way for brands and consumers to interact and coevolve. But what makes a successful BEC?

Brand Personality: the true flavour of the brand will resonate with right target customers so everything in the BEC should be designed around the essence of the brand. From the story of the company to what the brand represents, the BEC should cover it all.

Aesthetics: showcasing the brand in a unique way carves a distinct niche for it and becomes its key differentiator. Here’s where Decotarium can take the load off you. We are a cloud design studio driven by our love for inspired design and innovation.

Public engagement events: if you want your customers to come back to your store you will have to give them a reason. Planning a diverse events calendar mapping workshops and curated events is a strong way to engage customers.

State-of-the-art technology: this is as immersive as it gets at a BEC. A stunning digital experience driven by VR and AR can really push the envelope for brand recall.