Five emerging trends in hotel interior design

By : Decotarium | 17th May 2019

Hotel owners are quick to absorb social and ecological changes around them. The more ingenious ones come up with innovative solutions to these changes. Here are five of the most note-worthy interior design trends driving a shift in the hospitality industry presently.

Reimagining the guest suites

The traditional bed-table-locker combo is now passe. It doesn’t cut it to make the hotel suite look appealing. The modern guest is constantly looking for something different, unique, surprising even. And so the hospitality industry is moving the needle in terms of guestroom interiors. Plush sofas next to the plusher beds, curiously interesting-looking TV panels, creative study rooms, colour explosions and eclectic décor are few of the things driving the shift.

Turning bathrooms into mini spas

Gone are the days when bathrooms were little more than supplementary rooms, ignored for their insignificance. To the modern tourist, they are alluring hotspots of indulgence and luxury. Think waterfall showers, state-of-the-art fittings, spacious tubs, delicious-smelling lotions and sumptuous towel. Yes, the trendy new hotel bathrooms feel nothing shy of spas.

Blurring the lines between the indoor and outdoor

Sensory experiences are all the rage now. Hotel owners are striving to make the indoor-outdoor transition as seamless as ever. So, besides expanding hotel suites by way of spacious terraces and decks, nature is being brought inside. This is done by employing elements like wood panelling, stone installations, indoor waterfalls and even lush greenery.

Going green

With the contemporary traveller being eco-conscious, sustainability has become significant to hotel owners. More and more hotels are going the green way by adopting modernistic décor elements. Large apertures for natural lighting, natural construction materials, locally farmed food for cooking and recycle bins for guestrooms are some of the trends being followed.

Adding a personal touch

There’s a reason why modular hotels are gaining importance in the industry. They are as personalized as a tariffed space can get. Hotel owners are going in for personalized spaces to give their guests unique and memorable experiences. Themed guestrooms are at the forefront of this trend.

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