Restaurant design trends to watch out for this season

By : Decotarium | 27th May 2019

Apps like Swiggy and Zomato have taken the food industry to quite another level. With your favourite meal delivered right to your doorstep, fine dining in a restaurant may seem like quite an effort. Now restaurant owners have to work even harder to lure customers and give them an immersive experience. Design is central to this shift. Let’s have a look at some of the restaurant design trends that are spreading like wildfire.

Camera-ready environment

Instagram being the operative word, a reason to enhance the quality of their feed makes people go the extra mile. The extra mile leading to a brick-and-mortar restaurant that everyone is buzzing about. For restaurant owners, this means designing photogenic interiors with quaint elements and unexpected contrasts that will make the Insta lovers flock to their restaurants.

Deep and pronounced hues

In contrast to the pastel interiors that were all the rage in the last few years, rich colours like bold reds, vibrant greens and blues are making a comeback. Palettes with contrasting shades that give off a warm and fuzzy vibe are trending. Restaurant owners need to be mindful that the lighting and other elements compliment the colour palette to maintain the sense of luxury.

Shapes and patterns inspired by nature

Organic and irregular shapes are making quite a statement in restaurant interior design. Top this with elements like wood panelling, large apertures for natural light and some lush green, and you have the math for an ecologically-conscious restaurant.

Zero waste design

Sustainability is on the menu of most modern restaurants in 2019. But not just the actual menu, the zero-waste trend is seeping into restaurant design as well. More and more restaurants are going in for recycled and raw, unfinished material. Light fixtures made of recycled material and salvaged furniture are a step in this direction. And the more pronounced the sense of antiquity of the piece is, the more impactful it is.

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